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06-Feb-18 : Nabble forum removed from SCBuilder page, too many spam... 05-Jun-16 : Third Alpha release of the SystemC Builder IDE is uploaded 05-Mar-16 : Website redesign, simpler, easier to maintain 25-Jun-14 : Minor updates to CPU86, some package options were missing. 10-Mar-13 : General update. 09-May-10 : Added HTLSPIm Master SPI controller IP Core. 08-Nov-09 : Added HTL16550 UART Commercial IP Core. 08-Aug-09 : Uploaded ISS186 Instruction Set Simulator ver 0.1. 02-Aug-09 : Uploaded CPU86 ver 0.81, fixed call [reg] bug. 07-Dec-08 : Added Modelsim Remote Control demo using Tcl. 17-May-08 : Uploaded CPU86 ver 0.75, several bug fixes. 18-Aug-07 : Uploaded SystemC for VHDL engineers tutorial. 14-Oct-07 : Added HTL8255 Commercial IP Core. 19-Aug-07 : Uploaded first part of SystemC for VHDL engineers tutorial. 07-Jul-07 : Added simple page on how to install SystemC 2.2 under Cygwin. 13-May-07 : Added VMWare Player Gentoo on Win2K Howto page. 10-Mar-07 : Added VHDL to SystemC converter. 07-Jan-07 : Added Mersenne Twister MT32 design. 29-Oct-06 : Created a simple wrapper for the Opencores 16550 UART. 07-Oct-06 : CPU86 ver 0.69, fixed INTR and SHL (thanks to Rick Kilgore) 23-Sep-06 : CPU86 ver 0.68, fixed INTA vector rd (thanks to Rick Kilgore) 22-May-05 : Free 128bits AES IP core added 13-Mar-05 : Updated VHDLSORT and GUI 25-Jan-04 : Beta AutoCheck Builder utility added 31-Dec-03 : Date2HDL TCL utility page added 30-Nov-03 : New version of VHDLDS (0.3) uploaded 16-Nov-03 : Nios Chess engine port added to the free core section 23-Nov-02 : Rcore54 Risc Processor Added 20-Aug-02 : Added Linux Modelsim/HDS/Precision Install guide 13-Jun-01 : MAPLD2001 Conference details added
Welcome to HT-Lab On this site you will find both free and commercial IP’s, utilities and How-To documents. If you have any  questions please use the feedback form, for commercial inquiries use sales       ht-lab
What’s New....
SCBuilder (free SystemC IDE) version 0.1.6 has just been released. This is the sixth Alpha release which includes Synthesis and Code Coverage support. Note due to other commitments this is the last release.
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Looking for the free 8088 FPGA IP core then click here. Last updated: 12/06/10
Looking for an easy way to run the GCC toolchain under Windows, easy installer, 32/64 bits version, than look no further than the excellent tdm-gcc.
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Looking for some high- quality FPGA prototyping boards, need a custom board? then head over to the Enterpoint Ltd website.