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The HTL16550 is an industry standard functional compatible 16450/550 Universal Asychronous Receiver Transmitter (UART).  Individual configurable FIFO depth for the transmitter and receiver can be set up to reduce the number of CPU interrupts. The UART includes a programmable baudrate generator capable of dividing the system clock by 2 up to 65535. The baudrate output signal has a 50% duty cycle for even values and a [(clk/2)+1 high, clk/2 low] for odd values. For System On Chip applications the baudrate output signal can be configure to a clock pulse period reducing resource requirements. Using a USB_to_TTL converter cable communications speeds in access of 1Mbps can be achieved.

Key Features

Functional compatible with the industry standard 16450/550 Configurable FIFO depth Readable FIFO fill levels DMA support signals Programmable Interrupt Generation Fully Programmable Serial functions:     6,7 or 8-bit characters     Even, Odd, None, Sticky Parity     1,2 stop bits Generation     Baudrate Generation up to clock period.     False Start bit detection     Line Break Generation and Detection     Full Loopback Diagnostic.     Modem Control functions Independent Receiver Clock input Simple uProcessor/uController Interface No internal tri-state buses Fully synchronous Written in technology independent VHDL Lowest cost commercial 16550 IP core
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UART-16550 Comms Controller 


Area and Performance


The table below shows a push button implementation of the standalone core for the 2 major FPGA vendors. The values given are an indication of the required area and performance. No pin number, slewrate, I/O type etc was specified. Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus were used for synthesis and Place&Route.
Vendor FPGA Type Area Fmax P&R
Actel ProASIC3 A3P060-2 VQFTP100 782 Comb, 299 Seq 93.0MHz Designer 8.6
Altera CycloneIII EP3C5E 144C-7 555 LE (270 FF, 304 memory bits) 97.8MHz Quartus 9
Xilinx Spartan3E 3S100 CP132-4 373 Slices 102.3MHz ISE 11.3
The HTL16550 is delivered in synthesizable vendor neutral VHDL source. The source code is fully documented and can be synthesized using any modern synthesis tool. A partial self-checking VHDL testbench is included which verifies the different serial modes. For evaluation the HTL16550 can be supplied on a low-cost FPGA development board from Enterpoint Ltd. The HTL16550 is instantiated together with the HTL80186 processor, an HTL8259 Interrupt controller, an HTL8254 Programmable Timer,  a 146818 compatible Real Time Clock, an HTL8255 Parallel Port Interface, a Watchdog timer and 40Kbyte of embedded SRAM. No VHDL source files will be supplied in this case.