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SCBuilder is a lightweight Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the SystemC™ language and associated libraries.  Apart from the SystemC library, SCBuilder is supplied with a pre-compiled Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) library, the SystemC Verification Standard (SCV) library and a beta SystemC Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Library. The Editor is based on the excellent Scintilla source code editing component. Scintilla is used for many projects including Notepad++, CodeBlocks, Anjuta and many others. SCBuilder implements a number of the Scintilla features such as syntax highlighting for SystemC keywords, error indicators from g++, call tips and code folding. Code Coverage is provided by GNU gcov. Code completion, Linting and other features are expecting in future versions. Scripting is provided by ActiveStates’ Tcl 8.6.4 library and the compiler and associated tools are provided by MinGW. User generated VCD files can be displayed after the simulation has finished. Please note that SCBuilder is specifically targeting the SystemC FPGA community. SCBuilder is unsuitable for general C/C++ development as there are far more capable IDE's available such as Eclipse, Netbeans, CodeLight to name a few.

Key Features

Integrated IDE for SystemC with support for SCV, TLM and the UVM Pre-compiled SystemC/SCV/UVM libraries (optional installation) Hierarchical Viewer Limited Synthesis capabilities (translate SystemC to VHDL) Statement, Branch and Function Call Code Coverage Based on Scintilla source code editing components Provides full Tcl scripting capabilities Build-in VCD display waveform window Code Formatter and Beautification provided by AStyle MinGW32 with g++ version 5.3.0 (optional installation) Build via CMake (optional installation)  Syntax Checking with g++ Windows7/8/10 version only
SCBuilder        SystemC IDE



Download the Alpha 0.1.6 installer from here (06/08/2016, 105 MB (107,447,765 bytes)) MD5 Checksum : 3720c542656c47e33c8fac56807c2d8e License Agreement, Documentation The installer is signed with our public GnuPG v2 key : Signature file Key Fingerprint : 2390181F29A1B170157B0402930184021E458A54 Key-ID : 1E458A54  HT-Lab Release Engineering Note due to other commitments this is currently the last version. Alpha 0.1.5 installer (06/08/2016, 105MByte)  Alpha 0.1.4 installer (25/06/2016, 114MByte)  Alpha 0.1.3 installer (19/06/2016, 78MByte)  Alpha 0.1.2 installer (22/05/2016, 73MByte)  Alpha 0.1.1 installer (22/05/2016, 72MByte)  *** Warning do not use uninstaller, delete manually! *** Alpha 0.1.0 installer (08/05/2016, 70MByte)